Common Questions

How do I sign up?
To Register via mail or phone:
Mike Ghere
20 N. 4th Street, Apt 212
Clear Lake, IA 50428

The registration fee is $330 dollars. The cost can be made in two installments of $165.00. Payment for the class tuition will not be dependent on the student passing the class. Missed driving classes will cost $25 if not cancelled the evening before. Each student will be presented a white certification slip at the end of the course. If this slip is lost, it will cost $25 to have a new one issued. There will be no refund after the first class has been attended. Please call 641-420-5822 if you have any questions. We are looking forward to serving you.

When does the next new class begin?
May 7th: Classes are held on Tuesday, and Thursday evenings 6:30 to 9:30.

How many classes do they need to attend?

What if student needs to miss a class?
There are 2 makeup classes that follow the 10 classes.

When are they scheduled to drive?
We arrange with the student to accommodate their busy schedules.

Will you pick them up for their driving instruction?
Yes, if they are within surrounding area. If not, we will meet at a central location.

Do you prepare them for their driving test?
Yes, we work with them at the location closest to testing.

How do I know I am registered?
Once we receive the completed registration form, copy of permit, and a check for the full amount or the payment plan, they are on the list. Confirmation is mailed within one week.

Do I have to drive with a DOT Examiner?
Anyone can be asked to take a driving test. What will I need to bring to class? Pen or pencil and a 3 ring binder with looseleaf paper inserted.

If I do not need classroom instruction, can I have individual driving lessons?
Yes, we arrange on an individual basis.

What if I need to miss class for activities, camps, vacations, work, etc.?
2 makeup classes are offered and individual needs can usually be arranged.

Do you do driving evaluations?
Yes, you will be given a written evaluation of your driving skills.

Do you teach "Defensive" driving?